Academic Software Problems

I don’t quite understand why academic administrative software is written quite the way it is. At every academic institution I have ever attended, the student side of things is quite incomplete compared to the information that the registrar is able to see. There was an issue earlier of whether or not Fayetteville had recorded the fact that I have completed an Associate of Arts degree, since in an email communication, the registrar only noted the existence of the Associate of General Education. Those are the types of things I would like to be able to see on my side of things, so that I can confirm things more easily and not have to bug advisors and registrars every time I have a question. Banner just doesn’t tell me enough info. I don’t know whether this is an issue where SCT thought that students are too stupid or if their are document security concerns with having the full and complete academic record accessible to the student side of the portal. Neither WebAdvisor (DataTel) nor Banner (SCT) will show a student their completed degrees, which sucks, since sometimes it would be nice to be able to verify that everything posted OK and that no one has fucked up records.

On a related, but yet, somehow not related topic, I am not sure if Fayetteville will fully accept the terms of the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement and no on seems to be able to give me clear answers to anything. I am a few days from transmitting a fax on my letterhead demanding a formal degree evaluation of the degree in progress.

On to something 100% not related, the Art Institute keeps bugging me, even though the admissions counselor will not respond to my email.