Fall 2009 Registration

Once again, my Distance Education Coordinator kicks ass! I was finally able to get in to register for Fall. I have Algorithms (CSC 220), Research Methodology (PSYC 352) and Sensation and Perception (PSYC 420). I want to have at least one more course to fill out the semester, and 2 more would be even better (16 credit hours).

Funny thing about my present registration though, is that PSYC 352 has a pre-req of PSYC 233, for which I am still waiting for a permit. For the present time I have tricked Banner (not hard to do) into bypassing the pre-requisite error by momentarily being in a different section of PSYC 233 (one that meets MTWR from 8:20 – 10:20…. EEEK!). Now I just have to hope that the instructor will grant a permit before the system does its pre-req check (I know it does it, just not sure when).

I have decided to go ahead with Biopsychology during summer, allowing me to take Sensation and Perception during Fall. I am hoping that the department makes PSYC 320 (Theories of Learning) available online during Fall to fill at least one of my other spots so that I do not get slowed down in my completion of the program. 


So… as a summary:

Summer 2009

PSYC 233 – Statistics for Psychology (pending)
PSYC 370 – Introduction to Biopsychology

Fall 2009

CSC 220 – Algorithms
PSYC 352 – Research Methodology
PSYC 420 – Sensation and Perception