RFC turns 40, Postel dis’d


Stephen D. Crocker is a disrespectful ass. He has written this quite lovely document about the RFC series, and mentions “I offered to organize our early notes.”. Yes, Crocker “offered” to organize the early notes, but Jon Postel was the RFC Editor, he is the one who actually organized them. Nice revisionist history lesson there Crock. An RFC article without mentioning Jon is like starting off a history course without mentioning Thomas Jefferson. Sure, G.W. was first president (Crocker authored RFC 1), but Jefferson got stuff together (just as Postel organized the series and created its policies).

I can not believe the arrogance of Stephen (who back then was just Steve) Crocker, and his pal Vint Cerf. These guys are almost as evil as Sir. T.B. Lee.

For info on the real RFC Editor and the founding of the series, see: http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2555.txt