Slow Transcript Evaluation

I sent my final transcripts to Fayetteville on February 5th. I have been trying for months to communicate with them, and finally today got a response. My transcripts have all now been evaluated and there is now 12 more hours of credit on my record (for 114 hours that transferred total). In addition to transferring new work, the registrar also went back and re-evaluated a few “general electives” to give them proper designations.

Some of the notable items that were given clarity are:

GC ART 131 – Drawing 1 = FSU ART 121 – Basic Drawing
GC ART 132 – Drawing 2 = FSU ART 222 – Advanced Drawing
CPCC HIS 131 – US History 1 = FSU HIST 211 – US History to 1865
GC ENG 131 – Introduction to Literature = FSU ENGL 240 – Introduction to Literature

All this being stated, I only sent the transcripts to that the complete AA would show up so that I could eliminate the general education requirements (under the CAA). I didn’t really need more credits, all of my requirements were filled and all I had left were major requirements. I have credits coming out my ass since I’ve been in college so long.