Yet another academic post

These are starting to bore even me, but there are a few things I need to catch the record up on (since this blog is as much my personal notes as it is a way for people to get to know me).

First of all, Neither instructor to whom I sent e-mail regarding a closed-section permit ever responded, but this morning the department of psychology opened an additional 5 seats in each course. I have acquired one of those seats for Statistics of Psychology.  I have abandoned theories of learning at this time, with the hope it will be offered in fall and I can take Behavior Modification next Spring.

My schedule has been updated accordingly:

Also, because of all of this registration craziness, GITI now displays a color coding for sub-statuses (course dispositions?) for courses in the pending state. Purple (the old color for general pending) is the color for a “planned course”, whereas gold is used to designated “registered course”. This is also in addition to another change in the layout of the course page which shows all courses together, grouped by semester and not status (used to be courses were pushed to the course page when they reached “registered”). 

On a related topic, I looked at some of the degree options with the Art Institute Online, particularly the program in Photography. I considered it serious as something to think about doing as my fun curriculum during my Masters program, that is until I figured out the cost. $437 per credit hour, plus $100 per-course fee. That comes out to be about $6000 every 5 weeks At that rate, I could probably hire a part time photography tutor, or better yet, save for 10 weeks and buy a high-end lens and become self-taught with plenty of cash left over.

The administrative side of academics is starting to get on my nerves. I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about anything again until registration opens again in November.