Social Load Balancing

I sometimes really enjoy Microsoft’s ways of manipulating its community.

I received my MCP Flash/TechNet message announcing the availability of Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate this morning. I read over the message and found only one thing a little strange about it. The following line, which I can only assume is designed to prevent choking of the download network:

So you don’t need rush to make sure you get your copy. When you’re ready to download the RC, it’ll be waiting for you.”

That went along with a statement that the RC would be available from May 5 until June 30 and that unlimited keys are available. BTW, what is with MS and their need to use June 30 for everything? June 30 is the end of life for Windows XP, end of several certification exams (and exam tracks), as well as the end of their IT Academy certification voucher program.

I am personally looking forward to Windows 7s RTM day and getting a chance to play with the final bits. I have been running with the beta on my desktop since shortly after it was released and am quite pleased with the stability and overall usability of the OS. I will likely be one of the people who makes the conversion from Windows XP to Windows 7 on most of my systems(assuming I can get enough keys through my varying channels).