Photo Storage Solutions

I have used a variety of photo printing systems to have photos printed in the past year. Now a year after starting most of my accounts with these printers, I am receiving emails stating that my photos will be deleted if I do not order from these places. I do not quite get this. I uploaded my photos for printing only, not for storage, but apparently, I am the only one who does this and somehow I am supposed to be shocked and horrified and rush out to order prints that I don’t need. Between my new photo printer, ShutterFly and Fromex Labs (QPrints) I have more than enough ways to get things printed without having to order them from the photo-whores of Kodak Gallery, RitzPix or Walgreens.

As for actual storage, my 500GB drive and its 300GB backup are doing fine with storing my photos without me having to worry about anything. If those get full, I simply replace them, and then I get to keep a copy of my photos that I control without being at the mercy of giant photo printers to keep them safe.