PHYS 103

I have finished all of my course work for Statistics and Biopsychology at FSU, and now I am left with nothing to do. I have decided, in this academic dry period to register for PHYS 103 as a self-paced course. It is titled “General Physics II”. It is pretty much the standard 2nd semester physics course. I took the first semester in Fall 2004, and I enjoyed it, but never got around to take the other course, since it was not required. The way this course works is pretty cool. I have a minimum of 12 weeks and a maximum of 9 months to complete the course. I complete the homework, email it to the instructor, and then get grades back through email. When I am ready for an exam, I transmit my request and the exam comes to me. All of this is on my schedule. The course is offered by UNC-Chapel Hill, and while I never have to go on campus for anything, I do have to make arrangements with another school to take my final exam somewhere local under supervision.  I decided to finally take this course because I am very interested in optics and the properties of light, partially because of other hobbies. Other topics in the course include electricity, magnetism and quantum physics, all of which interest me at least a little.