Deciding How Private to Be

I am encountering fun dilemmas of how private of a person I want to be again. I have recently introduced several family members to my Flickr photostream, which is relatively clean of personal information. The most unusual thing on my profile is having Chris and his alternate identity as contacts. As a result, I had no difficulty posting updates to my photostream to Facebook. After making the formal connection between the two accounts, I was prompted to link my Delicious account at the same time. This is an interesting idea, except for the fact that I bookmark a lot of stuff, some of which is less than appropriate for all people to see. I wish I knew why I am so uncomfortable to be completely myself. I long ago got over being gay, but now it is my kinks and fetishes that has me uncomfortable. How much should I self censor what I post? Everything I would be posting would be stuff that is publicly accessible already. Maybe I should learn to be more open or just more careful about what I make fully public information?