Newspaper Articles Suck

I am working on a research paper for my Developmental Psychology course, and I’m running into a lot of newspaper articles that would be useful if they would actually cite what their source is instead of saying “a study by <insert nationality here> researchers indicates <some overly grandiose claim that article doesn’t prove>”. Do these undereducated newspaper reporters not think that some people may find their information more useful if it were possible to look up the original source material instead of simply taking the reporter’s word for it?

There is not a lot of information available for “The development of gender identity in children raised by homosexual couples”, so every little bit I find is helpful, but it takes a long time to sort newspaper articles and try to guess based on a researcher’s name and the generic description of the work which journal article the study might actually be included in. I get the feeling that some of the people who write these journal articles are human article mills. I think Dr. Ruth McNair has about 200 articles by herself, which makes locating a specific study relating to one aspect of her work a little hard.

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