Not Going to Take It Anymore

For a while now I have used Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client. I was happy with it, and then my friend urged me to try the betas of version 3, cause it was so much better. That may have been true for version 3, beta 3, but now I find myself hating beta 4. Apparently I have done something uber wrong with my configuration, because every five minutes I turn around and the damn thing is trying to index, or make my mail available offline. Those are not things that I want. I have turned the features off numerous times, but somehow they keep coming back, so thus the name of the post, I’m not going to take it anymore. I will probably end up regretting it, but I am switching to Microsoft Outlook 2007 for now. I say “for now” because I do not think it will be a long-term replacement. It’s sort of like when I was playing with Alpine/Pine, it was just to be different for a little while, so that I can actually appreciate the fact that there really are no good mail clients in the world and that I should just pick the one that annoys me the least, which is Thunderbird. It sucks and is slow, and tries to think too much, but at least it has a UI. That being said, I really much escape from Mozilla’s Thunderbird product before I begin waking up every morning and dreading the concept of checking mail because I hate my client. Worst part of it is, in my present situation, every time I have a problem with my client I get yelled at because it has to be something that I did wrong. There can’t possibly be anything wrong with a Mozilla product, not even in beta, so I must be the complete moron who has managed to break such a strong piece of software. I don’t take that shit for any product, no matter who writes it.