XMTuner 0.1 Released


The project that Chris and I have been working on has gotten to a point where it is stable and usable. Nothing fancy here though, just a simple application. We have decided to call is XM Tuner (at least for now), and the first release version is 0.1. This is essentially an early alpha release, as we have plans for further development and some pretty cool features.

The application’s purpose as far as we are concerned is to replace an older app that is no longer developed, called uXM. The project was born out of necessity when the app we were using no longer was able to connect to the XM Radio Online system due to a change in behavior.

The application is designed to be used to connect to the XM RO system on one side, at which point it creates a feed that is usable by some UPnP media servers, such as TVersity. The UPnP media server can then in turn send the information along and help a wireless media player, Xbox or whatever connect to the XM RO stream. There isn’t a lot to say about it, because it is a simple application. Current the installed side is about 35KB, give or take 1K for the readme.txt file (which contains the information needed for using the thing).

The installer for the app is available for download from: http://www.pcfire.net/XMTuner/InstallXMTuner0-1.msi.