More Bothersome Bags

One of the pre-requisites I have set for myself on getting a new laptop is that before I acquire the hardware I must first locate a suitable bag for the new device. This is turning out to be harder than picking the laptop itself, which after weeks of looking at technical information and seeking details about battery life, wasn’t a simple task.
First of all, I should mention my needs. I need something in the backpack class, but it must not be enormous. If it has room for an SLR with attached lens, then woohoo, but it isn’t required. The bag must cost less than the supplemental 12 cell battery for the laptop ($124), preferably a lot less. I would like the bag to be either yellow, graphite/charcoal, or black. I do not necessarily have to have a bag specifically designed for a laptop, as I intend to get the Toshiba recommended sleeve.
I am finding all of the bags I have seen recently are huge, ugly and designed for 17″ laptops. I am intending to purchase a laptop that is 13.3″, which is somewhat smaller than the 17″ size, so therefore, I need a bag that is smaller as well (not to mention not wanting to look like I am going on a hike any time I have the laptop with me).
Any ideas on good places to find the type of bag I am looking for? If anyone says “Endless”, I’m going to ban them from the blog.