Arrival of a System

I could barely stay in bed this morning. I had nothing planned for the day, except to receive a package from FedEx, I guess I was worried that FedEx would want a signature for the package. Found out when they left I, they were just going to leave it anyway. The driver thought it was safe, I don’t exactly live on a major road and he thought I was getting 8lbs of books (thank you Amazon for being discreet as always). I always thought it was funny that for expensive packages there was a signature flag… doesn’t that raise attention? Anyway, from 9am until 12:20 or so, I had nothing to do. Now I have the system and it is set up and charging. It was at 92% out of the box, and is now about 99%… which I assume will take days to finish off the last 1%.

My first impressions out of the box were that the touchpad was a little stiff and the system seemed a little slow…but I now think the slow was just a result of a background OEM install going on (5 mins to prep desktop, then everything is quick). I am beginning to believe that all of the hard drives that died in CMK5-M went as a result of vibration and sudden movements by me, as I have already managed to trip the hard drive vibration alarm on this thing twice (mostly while moving the table it is set up on). The keyboard will take some getting used to, but then again, don’t they all? Its better than the keyboard on the Mini and seems to be very responsive, especially the arrow keys (which I love).

At the moment everything is configured as OEM. I have not yet begun the Windows 7 Ultimate clean install to replace Windows 7 HP. I am beginning to be glad that I have not wiped it yet, as it is nice getting to know which of the apps that I originally had no intention of installing are actually useful. At the moment I am definitely considering installing the health monitor and the eco utility (gives power consumption of the system and allows for customizations to extend battery life).

So far so good…

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  1. Hello, this is Fedex Lina. Please enjoy your Amazon package. We appreciate your business. Have a nice week!

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