Boredom and its outcomes

Last night after becoming somewhat bored, I decided I really wanted to play “Rodent’s Revenge”. It’s not at all a fancy game, so I thought I would give it a shot on CMK7-M. Somewhere along the way I forgot that the game was originally for Windows 3.1 and would not run on a 64-bit operating system. It makes sense, after a while, things need to be left behind and not be emulated, so that the rest of the world can do things more efficiently. I considered letting go of the idea of playing the game before I remembered that I have VMWare installed on my laptop. It is there because I considered creating a dual boot machine with Ubuntu before the system was obtained (and I really hate rebooting). Anyway, for some reason I can’t explain, instead of installing a Windows XP VM, or even 2000 or Me, I decided I would go for the most archaic thing I have access to, Windows 3.1.

I had forgotten how much of a pain Windows 3.1 was to install, especially without a floppy drive. I ended up having to a bootable DOS 6.0 image, then installing DOS 6.22 (because all I have is an upgrade copy), and finally installing Windows 3.1. Installing Windows 3.1 was pretty easy in itself though, once the pre-reqs were in place.