Boring Software

After looking over the list of software that I have installed on CMK7-M, I have come to the conclusion that I run really boring software. There is nothing really exciting on the list. There is ZDaemon, but somehow I doubt that a 17 year old game is really that exciting at this point (wow, I feel OLD!). Then there is my photo and geotagging software, but that’s more nerdy than anything. I can’t even think about what would be “exciting software”. I hate a lot of modern software because it feels so restrictive, things come across too restrictive. I would love to have a cookbook application, but I don’t know how to resolve that with the GITI cookbook functionality. I want both worlds I suppose, and I really don’t have time to write all of the software that I want. Computing should not be dull, but at the moment, that’s how I feel about it. I have an OS, productivity software, photo and geotag apps and an ancient game. Blah!