Char[140] Message

Why 140 characters? Why not 150, or 130? I have recently begun experimentally using Twitter. I still hold my previous opinions of it as being a gross social devolution, but I do find it to be somewhat amusing and even interesting in other contexts. I presently have my GITI statuses post to Twitter just for the purpose of because I can, I can get GITI to do it and it doesn’t force any extra effort on me. I still do not believe that Twitter is a useful service by itself, but with the addition of various readers and other tools that can integrate it into other things, it becomes the quite essential personal QOTD utility. I suppose in some ways, short messages are essential in technology, but not in human communication, that’s why we have e-mail, IM and a variety of other things that allow us to communicate without being stuck into a 140 character bubble. Sometimes writing for Twitter feels more like a game invented by an English professor, forcing the efficient use of the language. Can every thought someone would want to express be done in 140 characters? I don’t know, but it sounds like a great experiment for a PSYC major.

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  1. Well duh! The reason for the size wasn’t really the point of the entry, the effect of that size on social communication and on development of language skills was my target.

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