Holding back

I have a hard time at the end of each semester getting things done, mostly because I see them as being stepping stones to the last deadline, and to the final exam. I had a problem with it during my freshman year, and now I have a problem with it that I am approaching graduation. Its true that I still have one normal semester left, but yet I can’t get the thought out of my head that once I finish this semester there is only one left. I am fighting myself on completing a Developmental Psychology quiz at the moment because it is the last one before the final exam. The final exam is nothing more than a formality, its open book, open notes (including the quizzes), and all of the questions have been seen before. So it is like 50 questions that will take about 10 seconds each to answer. I have been more involved this semester than most in the curriculum, and staying ahead of most of my deadlines, so this is a little harder than the semesters where I procrastinate and barely get things done on time. Those semesters I am glad when they are over, but this semester I am going to likely feel a little lost when it has concluded. May 7th is the last day. There are very few things that will wait until the very last day, as I am planning to conclude everything by May 4th. There are still two papers to write, one quiz, one discussion board and several (5) final exams to take. Graduating seniors have to be done and have all of their grades by May 1st, but the rest of us have a few more days.

I guess the best thing for me to do is to go ahead and take the last quiz.