I am used to semesters being over with great suddenness and authority, with deadlines barely being met and everything falling into place at the very last minute. That last minute is 3 days away at the moment for some classes, and 6 days away for other classes. Either way there is this huge feeling of waiting this semester. All of my assignments are in, save one. Two of the major assignments that I had to complete are writing assignments, large papers. I anxiously await the results on those assignments which can make or break my grade. Also with the waiting, my brilliant and thoughtful Sensation and Perception instructor has decided to not open our final exam until 8am tomorrow morning, so I’ve been waiting days for that, since all of my other exams are finished. I suspect I will try to pounce on the exam as soon as I can so that I may separate myself from the texts of the semester. I hate waiting. Even if all of my instructors manage to get things together before the 7th, I still have to wait until the 10th to find out all of my grades.

Presently, I am waiting for someone to tell me if I can take SOCI 333 during the fall.