Organizing Apps

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Maybe there is something wrong with me, I can’t manage to get my apps organized into a sensible way. Anyone want to offer some suggestions? I’ve tried dragging my apps around and I just can’t get them into a sensible arrangement and I hate the iOS folder grouping stuff.

One thought on “Organizing Apps

  1. -Most used apps always go on page one (I also always make sure to return to page one when I exit an app)
    -Page one should also be whatever core apps you will never be without using. Think of it like this, what apps would you use on an iPad were you to get one? It helps to keep apps in similar (if not the exact same) place for quick access
    -temporary apps go on the last page
    -I use second page for often accesses utilities (AppStore, iTunes, Clock, ect.)
    – my third page is games/novelties
    why don’t you like the built in folders? What would you prefer?

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