Love/Hate Self-Paced Courses

I am a little worried about tomorrow. Its just another Monday in the academic term according to the calendar, but for me, it marks the beginning of the last unit of study in my Introduction to Sociology (SOC 210) course. According to the grade book I have 3 more quizzes and one more test to complete. Last week I finished off 4 quizzes in one day and finished off the test in a weekend. The course is online and completely self-paced, but the units only get activated as students complete them. I seem to be the only one working ahead, as the units are being activated as I get to them. I never expected to enjoy this course this much, but then again, I seem to be enjoying this semester more than most. I am really eager in almost all of my classes, but most of my courses do not have things to get done just yet, and things are released to be completed on a weekly schedule. In some ways I am glad that the course is moving along as quickly as it is, since I have to get my course credit transferred back to FSU as soon as possible so that on Nov. 1 when the registration opens I will be able to get the courses that I need. I do hate that I have gotten so into the material but yet it will be over very soon. I am very disappointed that there isn’t another course available that starts later in the semester to continue some of this material (such as a course about Deviance). I’m also a little upset that I have not gotten to know the instructor for this course that well. The instructor seems to be very nice and helpful, and he actually responds to emails pretty quickly (usually before 8am, from his iPhone). I seem to get really into courses and let them blow by way too quickly without doing much other than interacting with the material (like I do in ceramics courses), or I let things wait until the last minute and I don’t really get into the material much at all, which really bothers me (math courses have this effect on me).