GRE Pain

I have recently begun preparing for the GRE, Graduate Records Examination, and I am starting to feel pained by the stuff I have to learn. I thought an undergraduate education was supposed to prepare me for this, but apparently not. The vocabulary words themselves are very difficult and I am not sure how well I will be able to handle this test. I used to have a better vocabulary than most people around me, but I am starting to wonder about that, since a lot of the words popping up in my test prep are not things that I know. I am trying to develop a strategy for learning this stuff without it becoming a situation where I simply cram for the exam itself. I want the words to actually mean something and be a part of my knowledge, not just something I pick up for the test and forget about. There are thousands of words that go into the GRE, and I know I can’t learn every single one of them, so my best bet will be trying to revive all of my vocabulary intuitions that I had when I went into the SAT and try to learn a few more rules to help round things out.

If I’m stressing this much over the verbal section, the quantitative section is going to kill me.