Exploring TeX

Since I am an aspiring graduate student, I have decided that I want to write my next Psychology paper using TeX/LaTeX, but so far it is not being as simple to get into as I thought it would be. The syntax is clunky and there aren’t really any WYSIWYG tools to assist in getting started. I am left with the option of working with TeX directly until I get the hang of it, or give up and move on. TeX is not one of the methods commonly used for behavioral sciences, it is more likely to be found in use in a math, physics, chemistry or biology department. I have decided that I want to explore it though, since there are times that I get sick of MS Word and its very much over-bloated interface for such a simple process. That being said, TeX is probably a little too cumbersome for most writing feats. The paper I am writing is not very heavy on numbers and certainly not on equations, but I think that knowing TeX might be helpful in the event that I end up doing research and have to document it in a paper. I am going to give TeX a shot and see if I can learn enough of its syntax to make using it worth ditching Word.

So far I have downloaded 2 distinct TeX tools, LEd (LaTeX Editor), and MiKTeX. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing, but I think I might be able to get into it easy enough to make it worth-while.

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