Priorities for Spring 2011

In considering course options for Spring, in the elective space, I have narrowed down my options quite a bit. At this point, my decision will be based on availability of courses.

1st choice: SOCI 560, Advanced Sociological Theory, at Fayetteville. It is a graduate level course and will require me filling out paperwork and getting instructor, advisor, departmental and dean approval to enroll in. It would be a bit of a continuation of the theories chapter of my intro course and will compliment my other sociology courses, but at the same time be unique in that it will be somewhat writing intensive. I would love to take this course because for one I would like to know what I am getting myself into by becoming a graduate student, because it will look good to graduate schools and because I would like a bit of challenge. This course is dependent on approval.

2nd choice: NOS 120, Linux/Unix, at CPCC. This course is one that I will take purely for fun. It does apply to my Computer Programming curriculum at CPCC, but that has nothing to do with why I want to take it. I want to learn more about Unix, since it is sort of a mystery to me. I can manage to install and use Ubuntu without much problem, but it is very much a Linux distribution designed for grannys. I’m looking for a more serious Unix experience. This course is limited only by availability and the fact that I can’t register until the 12th of November – after 4 other groups have registered before me. Currently 13 seats remain.

3rd choice: CSC 234, Advanced C++ Programming, at Wake Tech CC. I do not like the fact that for this course I would be adding another active institution to my list of schools, which would mean that the process of synchronizing transcripts between schools would get yet another level of complexity. The course would allow me to expand my programming skills on another programming language and I suspect I would find the course to be quite rewarding. At this time I am registered for this course, but the course would be dropped if one of the above choices became available.

4th choice: ART 114, Art History Survey I, at Gaston. I have attempted this course before, but found myself to be not able to get into the material at the time. I am still hesitant on the idea of giving up on Fine Arts, so this course would perhaps give me a little guidance. I am not very familiar with art history in terms of things before modern art, this course would fill in a few of those blanks for me. If I select this option it has the added benefit of applying credit to my AFA degree. This course is also dependent only on availability, but I should be in the first group to register, which should limit the scarcity. Since choice #3 is already registered, this one will require some thought before I can select it.