My Personal Deviance

I need help with an assignment.

I have an assignment in Sociology of Deviant Behavior that I have been avoiding because I don’t know how to get started. This is one of those times when my lack of desire to break out of society’s norms is biting me in the ass. The assignment is the following:

Think of a time when you violated a norm.  Explain what kinds of social control were used to bring you back into conformity  Remember to incorporate textbook concepts with cites and references.  Give specific examples related to the concepts.

My problem is that I rarely do anything that is truly deviant, at least not to a point where there was any type of social control used to bring me back into conformity afterward. My only example that I can pull into consciousness at the moment is my speeding ticket from several years ago, but that feels like it barely qualifies. I think I qualify to use an “internalization of group norms” theory here, which would allow me to exclude the violation of a norm, but so far everyone else in the class has stated a violation, and the question specifically requests a violation. I know I violate norms all the time, its just my way, I am deviant in various aspects, but I can not recall many times of being “brought back into compliance”. 

How have I violated social norms and what methods of social control has been used to bring me back into conformity?