Waiting for White Smoke

I don’t like rejection, but I hate waiting.

I have submitted the first of my graduate school applications, the one for Cognitive Science. My admission to this program will determine if I complete my application for Clinical/Community Psych at UNC-Charlotte. Ideally I would be accepted into both programs and could immediately work towards my goals. I have communicated a little with the graduate program coordinator for Cognitive Science, including immediately after submitting my application last Tuesday. Unfortunately for my nervous habits, she stopped responding last Tuesday as well, just after saying something about my application missing the statement of purpose (which to my knowledge it was not). Its been nearly a week since I last heard from the graduate coordinator, and she sort of left me hanging with the statement of purpose question. I have also contacted the graduate school admissions staff to see if perhaps they can track down the problem, or the graduate coordinator (I will restraint myself from making the obvious joke there, as I am trying to conduct myself more like a graduate student). Luckily I am not having to wait on a panel of cardinals, this time, just a single individual who will decide if I am a good fit for a program that involves computer science, psychology, philosophy and language. In some ways I think I would be more comfortable if this particular admission decision was being made by a panel, as then I would at least not feel like I have to walk on eggshells as to avoid offending or irritating the one person who is control of my admission to the program.  I am not usually a superstitious person, but for things like this I am. I am not walking under ladders or making any type of concrete plans just yet, not until I know one way or another. I suspect the next things bothering me is the timing. I have applied for the Summer semester, which has a materials deadline of April 1, but each program has its own decision cycle. For the Clinical/Community program I know that I should know something by April 15th, but this one is a little more loose-ended. I am honestly hoping for a decision before the week of March 28th so that I can register on time for classes for summer and fall (since there is only 1 class available for summer for the program).

At this point I am waiting. I am waiting for an admissions decision. I am waiting for a reply.  I am waiting for any little hint of being able to make stable plans for my academic future.