Status of Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
0 hours remaining – pending completion in Spring 2011.
Candidacy confirmed 8 March 2011.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Program not yet (officially) started.
Officially admitted on 9 March 2011.
Awaiting advisor assignment.
15 – 21 credit hours remaining.
If pursued, can be completed as soon as Fall 2011.

Associate of Fine Arts
16 credit hours remaining.
Gradually completing requirements
Completion date unknown.

Associate of Applied Sciences in Computer Programming
30 credit hours remaining.
Limited personal desire to complete program.


It is interesting to look back at my academic records in a transitional time such as this, as it sheds some clarity on my desires in life as well as shows where things have changed, how I have changed. Perhaps the most interesting thing for me is the fact that I am perfectly willing to abandon the Computer Programming degree. I used to want to be a programmer, it seemed like a rewarding career option, but then things changed and I got deeper into Computer Science and realized that my interest in the topic did not run that deep, but that I was more interested in using computer programming as a tool to help with other pursuits in my life. I would love to at some point utilize what I know in research and perhaps one day in psychological treatment/analysis scenarios.

The Associate of Fine Arts degree is one of whimsy and curiosity. I am very close (1 semester) to completing it, but I am not prepared to put the rest of my life on hold so that I can knock out that one degree. The degree is interesting to me because it would give me more exposure to art concepts and creative attributes that interest me, but the degree itself is a mere novelty. I suspect one day I will complete this degree, even if it does come after a PhD.

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology is an unlikely degree because of the timing of things. I am going to take some courses in the program during the summer, and leave the program as a backup option. It is presently intended that by the Fall semester this particular program will have been superseded by a graduate certificate program. Still, it feels good to have a backup program. At the current time I am awaiting an advisor to be assigned that can determine if I qualify for course substitutions that would allow me to complete the degree in 15 hours or less.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is at this point almost a certainty. I am on track to graduate and short of an unforeseen circumstance causing a course to not count, I will graduate on 7 May 2011. Final confirmation will be on 30 April 2011 after my final grades post.


I am still applying for admission to graduate programs for the Fall 2011 semester and I am hopeful that at least one will accept me and that I can begin my graduate career and work towards my ultimate goal of a PhD in Clinical Psych (in some form, perhaps PhD in Health Psyc). At the present time my interest is in social interactions and gender roles in society.