May 12, 2011

I haven’t made an actual post since graduation, actually, I haven’t made a real post since April 4th, which is a long time between substantial posts for me.

First of all, graduation went well on Saturday. I now hold the degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Cum Laude. While my courses at Fayetteville all ended on April 30th, my final exam for Art History (at Gaston) was not posted until Monday, and I completed it that evening. My semester is now complete.

I’ve been asked several times if I feel different now that I have the degree. The simple answer is “no”, but yet there is a difference in the amount of pressure I feel. I don’t feel instantly more intelligent because I have the degree, but I no longer feel a pressure to get the “first” degree out of the way. I really don’t know why people think of it as my first degree though, since I do hold dual Associates degrees, and now a Bachelors, so this is really my third degree, but for some reason people like to see Associates degrees as not holding any value.

At this point, it is a relief to be done with graduation. All of the effort toward getting cleared for graduation was stressful and because everything was in motion I felt the pressure to ensure that everything went smoothly. Before this semester I took my undergraduate education at a very leisurely pace, and preparing to graduate upset that pace. I suppose I am still a little in disbelief at the fact that it is done. All of the papers, exams and everything to get here just sort of suddenly ended last week and then in less than 6 days I was being conferred a degree. I’m very glad for those 6 days though, otherwise, I do not think that I would have been able to handle the ceremony and certainly would not be able to convince myself that I was really finished.

I am still no more certain of what is coming up in the fall for me than I was a few weeks ago, but I am hopeful and ambitious. I know for certain that I want to remain in the social and behavioral sciences, but I’m not sure what paths are actually available to me. I have an open application for a program in Gender Studies and I have been told that my application for the Master of Arts in Sociology would be welcomed at Fayetteville, but I’m really not too enthusiastic about continuing on the distance ed path, especially not for graduate school. I have admitted to myself that the Clinical/Community Psychology degree program is not likely to happen for me, and besides that, I am not liking the overall attitude to the program, so I am instead leaning toward the Master of Arts in Counseling, which seems more accessible, as well as is more in line with my actual interests. I also leave open the option of a Master of Arts in Sociology at UNC Charlotte, beginning in spring, if I am admitted to the Gender Studies certificate program this fall.

I am told that the future likely holds a lot of great things for me, I just don’t yet know what any of them are.