Fall 2011 Semester Papers

Tutorial in Sociology [SOCY 6895] – Final paper only. Topic Sociology of Masculinity. The specifics are not yet determined, but the paper will focus on the Western conception of masculinity in its hegemonic form and in alternative forms.

Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies [WGST 2050] – 3 papers (2 req, 1 EC). Topics selected from the major course sections.

Paper 1 (History), Declassification of Homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
Paper 2 (Sociopolitical), Evolution of Interaction Between Homosexuality and Western Religions [tentative]
Paper 3 (Indentity), Gay Identity vs. “Disappearance” [tentative]

Transnational Feminism [WGST 5050] – 1 paper. Topic is selected from topics covered in course readings. I have done little to no planning on the paper as of yet, but I’m focusing on the area of a critical analysis of transnational feminism vs. global feminism.

Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality [WGST 6601] – 1 paper. Topic is open ended, but should be based on the core topics on the syllabus. I have selected to focus on the social construction of non-normative sexual behaviors.

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