Spring 2012 Class Schedule Released

CSLG 6150  Career Development & Cslg
W 05:30 pm-08:15 pm
Henry L. Harris (P) 01/09-05/01 DENNY 216
MA Counseling
CSLG 6160  Theories Chemical Dependence
T 05:30 pm-08:15 pm
Laura J. Veach (P) 01/09-05/01 COED 202
MA Counseling
PHIL 6350  Philosophy of Technology
W 03:00 pm-05:45 pm
Gordon D. Hull (P) 01/09-05/01 WINN 107
None. Personal Interest
PSYC 6216 / ITCS 6216  Intro to Cognitive Science
TR 02:00 pm-03:15 pm
Mark E. Faust (P) 01/09-05/01 CHHS 290
GC Cognitive Science
SOCY 6090  Race, Class, Gender, and Social Policy
R 02:00 pm-04:45 pm
Stephanie M. Smith (P) 01/09-05/01 FRET 480C
GC Gender Studies

ITCS 6114   Algorithm & Data Structures
MW  02:00 pm-03:15 pm
Richard M. Souvenir (P)         01/09-05/01         SMITH 301

Pre-Req. ITCS 6153
GC Cognitive Science
ITIS 6400  Prin of Human Comp Interaction
M 06:30 pm-09:15 pm
Celine E. Latulipe (P) 01/09-05/01 WOODW 135
GC Cognitive Science
WGST 5050 Queer Theory
W 05:30 pm-08:15 pm
Katherine S. Stephenson (P) 01/09-05/01 COED 202
GC Gender Studies
WGST 6627 Feminist Theory and its Applications
M 06:00 pm-08:45 pm
Robin M. James (P) 01/09-05/01 SMITH 201
GC Gender Studies

The class schedule for spring has been released and I am back to having no clue what courses to take. Things seemed clearer before I was admitted to Cognitive Science, then it was simply 2 courses in my program and an elective. Now I have 2 programs to which I belong, and on top of that there are other courses that interest me.

CSLG 6150 and 6160 are “open” classes in the Counseling department. They are courses in which I can “get my feet wet” (that phrase always makes me want to put on tall boots) with the department. I don’t love the material of either of the courses, but they are a good start in the department. but do I want to take courses in the department before I know if I got in?

PHIL 6350 is a course that I saw and thought seemed interesting, but after reading its description I am uncertain about it, yet it remains in the list as a backup option.

PSYC 6216 / ITCS 6216, this is the base introductory course for Cognitive Science. I could theoretically take either the PSYC or ITCS section, with basically the same work (if not identical), but I intend to make my selection of course symbolic of my direction in the program. Do I want to approach Cognitive Science from a psychological perspective, or do I want to take it from more of a technical direction? This is a tough decision for me, as I have an interest on both sides. I am considering setting up a sample program outline utilizing both and see which one seems more palatable.

SOCY 6090 would be a course that focuses heavily on my topics of interest from gender studies in a sociological framework. I am a little concerned about the idea of this class because I am starting to feel a little burned out on this topic (it would be my 5th straight semester handing the topic)

ITCS 6114 is a very technical course, focused on programming constructs. I typically enjoy courses like this, and I suppose I will again. This course is a pre-requisite to taking Neural Networks next fall. It doesn’t directly count to Cognitive Science, but if I want to take Neural networks, which does, I must take this course first. The title and description are pretty similar to an undergrad course that I had not very long ago, so I hope it won’t be very redundant.

ITIS 6400 is a fascinating class. It touches on the ways in which computers attempt to perceive the same as humans, but also how humans utilize computers. This course covers sociological and psychological aspects of computer usage and interface design.

WGST 5050, Queer Theory. This is one of the topics from other classes that I have become interested in. It goes beyond the traditional classification of homosexuals and defining the history and social significance of ‘queer’ culture. The theory itself seeks to step away from labels and to explore everything that is not the norm.

WGST 6627, This is a core course in my program, or at least one option for it. I’m not sure I can handle another semester of feminism and feel like this may not be something I really want to take, but since it does count as a requirement I think it is at least worth considering.

I have to decide what I’m taking by November 7th.

Posted from Bessemer City, North Carolina, United States.