Update on Fall 2011 Papers (2)

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Course # Paper Topic Pages Req. Status
Tutorial in Sociology SOCY 6895 Sociology of Masculinity 20-30 IP:  4 pages
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Declassification of Homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 2-4 Graded: 100%
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Evolution of Interaction Between Homosexuality and Western Religions 2-4 Topic Selected
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Gay Identity vs. “Disappearance” (EC) 2-4 Topic Selected
Transnational Feminism WGST 5050

Eroticization of Non-Western People in the Sex Tourism Industry

15-20 Proposal Complete
Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality WGST 6601 Social Construction of Sadomasochism and Fetishism 20 IP: 8 pages
Statement of Purpose for Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Admission 2 IP: Draft 2
Statement of Purpose for Master of Arts in Sociology Admission 2 IP: Draft 1

Tutorial in Sociology – I haven’t made any progress since the last update, mostly just because I have a special period at the end of the semester set aside for working on the paper. I mostly have a structure, which I like. I’m going to have to review all of the materials that I selected for this course in the next few days to begin fleshing things out a little more.

LGBT Studies – I have 2 more papers to write, including one coming up on Tuesday. I’m not very excited about the next paper because I don’t really know what to write about. These papers are simple, so I have to pick a really narrow topic to consider. I may use the topic about the interactions between homosexuality and western religion, or I might change it up, just depends on what I come up with that I want to work on over the weekend.

Transnational Feminism – this has been a hard paper to get started on. I am uncomfortable with the course material and I am not sure I understand the course objective entirely. It reads as a survey course, so there isn’t a consistent theme to work from. I think my topic works, and I completed a 3 page proposal for the topic this evening. I should know soon if the topic is up to what is expected or not. I think my proposal reads awful at the moment, so I will fine tune it before I turn it in.

Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality – I keep changing my topic title for, even though the actual concept hasn’t changed. I have amassed way too much information for the paper, so now I’m working on sorting through that as I try to articulate my argument and my background facts.

Statements of Purpose – these are just nagging little things that I need to take care of. I have until December 1 on one of them, and March 1st on the other one. I have drafted both of them at least once, but it is really hard to take my enthusiasm for each of the areas of study and turn it into a clear statement that will articulate to an admissions panel what my interests are.

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