Admissions Statistics

I have applied for the Master of Arts in Counseling (Community) program and will be applying to the Master of Arts in Sociology program as well. I have reasons for really wanting in to both programs (or either program), but feel a little uncertain about my admissibility for a masters-level program, but do find a little comfort in the admissions statistics that I have found in the IR department’s records for this year.

  • MA Sociology had 13 applicants this year, 11 were accepted (85%), 8 decided to enroll (73%).
  • MA Counseling-Community had 90 applicants, 40 were accepted (44%), 33 decided to enroll (83%).

In comparison, earlier this year I was interested in applying to the Clinical/Community Psychology program. This year they had 143 applicants, 4 were accepted (3%), all 4 enrolled (100%).

The admission rate for Sociology makes me feel at least somewhat good about my potential, especially knowing that the admissions procedures for the program has changed slightly since last year. The 11 that were selected for this fall were added to the class that was admitted in spring, whereas for my application class next year there will be no spring class, potentially giving more open positions in the program.  Counseling is the program that puts me on the track I want to be on, but the statistics for admission are not quite as good, and therefore I am less certain that I will be admitted.

One fear I have about the admissions process is that I might find myself admitted to both programs, and I would be faced with the task of picking between the programs, and I’m not sure that I could (and somehow dual degree of sociology and counseling doesn’t seem do-able).

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