Rejection Sucks

I have a status on my application for the MA Counseling program now. All of the invitations for the group interviews have been sent out, but I did not receive one. This means that I am not admitted to the program. The worst part is it means that I am not even invited to the 2nd phase of admission, which makes me question just how far down the list I actually am.

I have been thinking about things ever since I received the notification that all people who would be invited had already been sent invitations. Last week when I wrote the other blog post about the possible masters programs I had almost talked myself out of wanting to enroll in the program, until today when I got the message and realized that this changes everything. This changes all of my plans and means that my other applications are no longer as backup plans, but might have to be put into place as my primary program. The thing that bothers me worst at the moment is the fact that I must now wait an entire year before applying to counseling again, as they only admit once per year. But how will that work with other programs? IF I am accepted to Sociology, will I really want to go into counseling after spending a year working toward a degree in sociology? Somehow I doubt it.

It is so strange how little things like emails can change an entire perspective on life and force a reconsideration of plans and goals.