My Next Academic Year


Above is my schedule for the next academic year as it stands (as of this morning). Fall 2012 has 15 hours assigned to it at the moment, but that will have to change to become a sane schedule (less than 12 hours). These schedules are currently reflective only of my presently enrolled programs (WGST and CogSci). The reason this post comes about is because this morning I learned of Dr. Croy planning to offer Philosophy of Mind in the Fall, and noticing when I added it that the list looked a little lengthy.

Upon close examination of the schedule I find that first of all, Language, Gender and Power is likely to go away, since it no longer conforms to my planned course sequence for the WGST certificate. Next, Social Context of Mental Health may go away if I’m not admitted to sociology and my interest set changes at all (or I find a pet research interest for the semester). That leaves me with Intelligent Systems, Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, all of which apply to my certificate in Cognitive Science. Still, this is a pretty full semester, and if I am admitted to a Masters program, at least one of those courses will have to move.

Spring 2013 is a little easier. If I’m admitted to sociology, Issues in Social Research is already on the schedule where it needs to be, but if not, it is still an interesting class I would like to take. Sexual Orientation Diversity in Clinical Practice is an odd course that I can only justify under the WGST certificate unless I’m eventually admitted to counseling. At the moment it is on the schedule as a space filler, but it is an area I am very interested in. If I’m ever involved in counseling or any type of social research involving mental health, I will want that class in my curriculum. Theoretical Approaches to Gender is a course that fulfills a major requirement (the final major requirement for me) for the WGST program, so I will likely hang on to that course.

At the end of Spring 2013, my current enrolled programs will be complete, but I intend to by that point be enrolled in at least one masters level program.