Spring 2012 Paper Topics

Queer Theory: Effect of Social Labels on Behavior and Self-Esteem

This topic is a little abstract and doesn’t apply to queer theory as strongly as it probably should, but I feel like I can do a lot with it. Queer theory is focused ‘queering’ everything, from identity labels to the concept of gender itself. Through using outside literature as well as cultural artifacts I will create an elaborate example of the difficulties faced by a “non-queer” world, and perhaps give some clarity and a solid representation of the potential real world impact of queer theory, at least in its more moderate and reasonable forms (not that the concept of fucking with gender just to make the conservatives squirm isn’t fun).

Cognitive Science: Literature Review of Cognitive Categorization

After a brief discussion with my Cognitive Science instructor I discovered that I was overthinking my topic ideas. I don’t need to go as theoretical or philosophical as I was going. I merely need to construct a basic “term paper” that is a literature review. It isn’t a major research paper where I have to prove something or put forth a theory, I just have to select the topic and present existing research about the topic. I have selected cognitive categorization because it is something that has been puzzling me lately. There seems to be a natural human need to categorize things, the same is true for how we have designed computers and other electronic systems, everything has a category or label where it fits. At the very least it will be an interesting concept to read about while preparing the paper.