Busy Week

Just like last spring I have a  busy week coming up again. I have tons of stuff I have procrastinated on a little, and as a result I have to catch up on a lot for this week.

  • Monday – work with my group to build a poster for my Human-Computer Interaction class. Due Monday at 6:30pm.
  • Wednesday – complete work on my paper abstract and annotated bibliography for Queer Theory. In addition I have to prepare myself for a presentation of an interpretation of the work of Judith Butler for the class.
  • Thursday – three quizzes due for Cognitive Science
  • Weekend – Cognitive Science mid-term

At some point between now and the 30th of March I have to prepare a presentation based on my paper from Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality for the UNC Charlotte Philosophy Conference.

Written out my tasks do not seem to be that massive, but with all of them floating around in my head they feel like they are weighing me down heavily. Tomorrow morning I need to dive in to work on the poster, and then after that I MUST get to work on Butler for Queer Theory, and then Tuesday in my free time I need to work on my paper stuff. My paper components do not have to be great, just showing my progress on my paper.