MA Sociology Degree Plan

I have entered my full course plan into GITI through next spring, and as such I can now view what my final degree arrangement for sociology might look like. Each course represented in the chart is 3 credit hours, except the thesis which is 6 and the second tutorial which is currently entered as 2. This chart is not inclusive of other courses, such as Theoretical Approaches to Gender, which are primary courses in my other programs and function as electives in sociology. Looking at this chart I see no reason why I can’t manage to finish this degree and do so in the normal time scale. Even if I do have difficulty with my department I have to remind myself that the thesis is just a 6 credit hour project that I must push through as a example of what I have learned in my time in the program. My present thesis ideas center around acquisition of knowledge and considering the way that the Internet impacts the perception and understanding of social information instead of more progressive ideas which are more in line with my personal research ideas. I guess it just means that this comic is true: