This blog is a mess

This blog has been a lot of things over time. It started as my public-facing journal and in many ways still reflects that role, but as discussed in previous posts, the need for that role is narrowing. In August this blog will be 10 years old. I have documented my experiments in ceramic arts and my experiments in computer science in this blog. I have also engaged in pseudo-philosophical discussion through several of my posts. There have even been a few posts regarding my relationships. The point is, this blog does not have a clear focus, and I suppose it was never supposed to. Many aspects of my Internet presence are very focused on very narrow areas, whereas this one has always been the catch-all. I find myself contemplating sorting through the badly categorized pages to give them a bit of order and perhaps give this blog a clear mission. As quick as I consider that notion I question whether I should. This blog is a historical record of sorts for myself. It is in so many directions because its role has changed and evolved over time. Also, I do have to face that my interests are very diverse and span many areas and as such it is hard to consider dividing the content into neat and orderly categories. A concept that makes a possible decision to keep this disorganized mess problematic is that in a modern world a blog is supposed to be designed for its readers, not its writer. This blog was created at a time when MySpace was just beginning to set and Facebook was just beginning to rise, so those rules didn’t exist then. I am therefore left to decide if I wish to stick with the “modern” thing to do, or if I should respect the history of this blog. The decision that seems most appropriate is to archive this blog and start a new blog, but that seems a waste since there is so much material that is recent that follows along with my current intentions for the blog. For the moment I’m making no sudden actions, but am merely considering possible futures for this blog.

This topic only comes up now because as a component of an upcoming philosophy course (Feminist Theory and Its Applications) I will need to write a weekly blog entry in response to the weekly topic and I don’t feel as though I should create a new blog for those posts, it just seems repetitive. Viewing my blog as a catch-all publication allows this to be done without any sort of concern, but if I’m viewing it as a personal journal, then those posts really don’t fit in with the theme of the blog.