Concepts for my feminism paper

This post contains notes. This is not intended to resemble my typical article style.

Current ideas for topics for my feminism paper…mostly based on my plans to integrate technology into my eventual thesis topic.

  1. Identity considerations with new gTLDs with regard to consumers and producers.
    1. Movement from large structures of society and government (COM, NET, ORG, EDU, MIL, etc) to domains for markets and target populations (.PHOTO, .FISH, .XXX)
    2. No longer about identity of producer, now about the markets.
    3. Does this make the Internet any more queer, or just more compatible with neoliberal ideologies?
  2. Analysis of use and intentions of ccTLDs compared with their gTLD counterparts, giving specific attention to the phenomenon of making generic (as in gTLD) a TLD designated as a ccTLD.
    1. .me = Montenegro OR “Me”
    2. .ws = Western Samoa OR “Website”
    3. .tv = Tuvalu OR “Television”
  3. Gendering of smart phone/tablet platforms. Primarily comparing Android and iOS (because no one cares about Palm, Firefox, Windows phone or whatever the Ubuntu phone thing is called)
    1. Gendering of platforms
      1. Android as “technical” (technical = masculine)
      2. iOS as “pretty” and “easy” (pretty + easy (soft) = feminine)
    2. Policing of what is “safe” in mobile OS land (Smasung KNOX, Kindle Fire limitations, Apple’s walled garden approach)
    3. Cultures surrounding the dominant operating systems (iOS = Instagram culture, Android = rooting, “power users” and gadgets)
    4. Re-masculinization of iOS via iPhone as symbol of privilege/power