Preparing the Manuscript

I thought that preparing a manuscript of my poetry for review by a UNC instructor would be very easy… just pick the poems I like and then submit them in a bound format. Not exactly. I have fighting with myself over the quality of the existing poems and then I’m considering what I will need […]

Chapter 3 Complete!

After a great surge of creative energy, I have finished chapter 3 of my novel, now all I have to do is write a 1 page synopsis of my entire novel and critique some really bad poetry.

Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

ok, so its a little rainy and dreary outside, and well… my shoulders (and the rest of my torso) are covered. Oh, and I’m also under a tornado warning… Anyway, returning to the point of this blog post. I woke up at 6:45am and was quite well rested and my multi-week writers block seems to […]

Difficult Assignments

There is nothing I hate more than writing love scenes! Well, ok, maybe that isn’t true, but I don’t like writing them for academic assignments. In Creative Writing this week, that is our assignment. I am perfectly happy writing my fluffy love scenes for keeping to myself, or really hot erotic fictions for sharing with […]

Gaudy Poem

Well… this is what I came up with. It ain’t pretty, but it will get me a grade for turning it in on time (which is all that counts). Sweat raining down like a waterfall Intense heat penetrating the body Kinetic energy pulsating the muscles Muscles on fire with stress and tension Push, pull, Push, […]

Writers Block in Creative Writing

I have the easiest assignment ever in Creative Writing II that is due in a few hours. It is an assignment called “gaudy poem”. It is supposed to be a very showy poem. Using all available literary devices and language techniques to create a poem to showcase the strengths of a poet. I believe I […]

Creative Wrting Kicking My Ass

During my first semester of Creative Writing, I felt a great energy behind my writing, one which doesn’t seem to exist right now. Maybe it is the absence of the literary high I got from reading the techniques of Robert Olen Butler, as he showed how to obtain the power to extract with great accuracy […]

The writing proccess?

After working on my novel outline that I was having difficulty with for several hours over the weekend, I finally submitted it, but I have just determined that it completely sucks, and as a result I am going to write a new outline and try to create a more interesting story with better characters and […]

Facing Challenges in Creative Writing II

I am presently faced with one of the most intellectually difficult assignments I have ever had to take on. I have to create a plan for a novel. First of all, my writing process doesn’t know what “plan” is. I have always written stories from start to finish, following the action of my characters in […]