Preparing the Manuscript

I thought that preparing a manuscript of my poetry for review by a UNC instructor would be very easy… just pick the poems I like and then submit them in a bound format. Not exactly. I have fighting with myself over the quality of the existing poems and then I’m considering what I will need to write additionally to be able to impress the Advanced Poetry (ENGL 407) instructor. I am a very simple poet, so I worry that I am way out of range for meeting the requirements of the course.

I have also considered taking Intermediate Fiction instead of Advanced Poetry, but then I remember the type of fiction I like to write and remembered that really isn’t appropriate for an academic environment. I am just not grabbed by fiction writing the same way that I am for poetry. I feel that I can challenge Frost, but challenging Tom Clancy or Nora Roberts is a little different. If I wrote fiction, I would bore myself (explains why Creative Writing II went so well for me).


I suppose the only thing I can do is make an attempt at the manuscript, worse case, I don’t get into the class.