Difficult Assignments

There is nothing I hate more than writing love scenes! Well, ok, maybe that isn’t true, but I don’t like writing them for academic assignments. In Creative Writing this week, that is our assignment. I am perfectly happy writing my fluffy love scenes for keeping to myself, or really hot erotic fictions for sharing with those closest to me. Lately I have even developed an ability to take on the persona of a character in one of my stories, although, thats mostly for verbal story-telling. I am uncomfortable with sharing things I write that resemble that with an academic class, maybe its because I am gay and tend to sometimes create gay characters (although, last summer, I created a straight couple). I have no reason to feel that a love scene between my two male lead characters or perhaps one of my male lead characters and another character would be received badly. I don’t know what I am scared of. I am often timid in drawing and in writing because of how I think things will be received, even when there is no reason to think anything negative, its like somehow with myself, being myself outwardly isn’t allowed.