Not much longer

Last weekend wasn’t as rough as I thought it would be. All of my assignments got finished on time and I more or less feel good about them. This week there are several small assignments and a few papers, overall nothing I haven’t handled before. After this weekend, it is all basically over for me. […]

Rant: Letter to Office of IR @ FSU

Dear Department of Institutional Research:      Your department implements holds on a students records in a most unethical way. It is not part of a students responsibility to conduct an assessment of your faculty and at no time between admissions and registration for classes is such a responsibility communicated. You describe the process of registering […]

Error in Degree Audit

I seem to have mis-calculated something in my degree audit, and because Banner is generally less intelligent than a trained monkey, it was no help in discovering the error. When I so eagerly marked the waiver status on the first two requirements on the degree form I neglected that those 5 credit hours don’t just […]

Degree Audit – BS in Psychology – Fall 2010

As I near the completion of my undergraduate career and must fill out my final Academic Progress Report I have decided to utilize the degree audit features in Banner and work with it and other documentation to create a detailed picture of where all of my credits have come from for the degree. I have […]

Building Insanity

My Fall 2010 semester chart shows my planned courses for the fall. Looks a little ominous doesn’t it? While the courses total to only 17 credit hours, the number of courses seems to be a little overwhelming to me. As you will notice, all courses are goldenrod except SOCI 333, which is plum. This indicates […]

Illogical Prerequisites

Course: Introduction to SPSS Course: SOCI 333 (3) Description: Introduction to the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS), a computer software for data processing and statistical analysis, enabling students without knowledge of programming or without programming aspirations to utilize the computer for scientific research Pre-reqs: SOCI 210 (Introduction to Sociology), SOCI 331 (Social Statistics) […]

Rate Table Error

I looked at my tuition bill for the Summer semester last night, and I was somewhat surprised by the amount of the bill, $12, 981.25. Now, the interesting thing about that number is that it is larger than what was paid for the entire 2009 year, which included spring, summer and fall courses.  The correct […]

The Downfall of Distance Education

When I first started distance education (online) courses back in 2004 things were different than they are now. From that statement you might gather that things have improved, you know, something technical, so it has to have gotten better. The situation is quite the opposite. When I started online courses, I liked them better than […]