Rate Table Error

I looked at my tuition bill for the Summer semester last night, and I was somewhat surprised by the amount of the bill, $12, 981.25. Now, the interesting thing about that number is that it is larger than what was paid for the entire 2009 year, which included spring, summer and fall courses.  The correct number is somewhere closer to $500 for the entire summer semester. Once noticing the flaw I immediately contacted the Bursar (such lovely title names we have: Bursar, Registrar, Provost; each with their own unique way of screwing you). This morning I got a response from the Bursar and was told there was a “rate table error”. Some error! I can’t imagine what type of error that could be accidental would cause this situation, as the error seems to affect out of state tuition. The reason my rate is so high is because I was billed in-state tuition ($384), as well as out of state tuition ($12,000), but the rate for out of state is incorrect. It is interesting the flaws that my institution seems to create. First mysterious holds for course evaluations placed in the middle of the night, and now this.