Intersectionality vs. Assemblages

Intersectionality is concerned with the subject and the multiplicity of subject identity in relation to the culture surroundings of the subject or the ability of the subject to have a multiple perspective due to the sum of the subject’s identity (and potentially past experiences). Assemblages, in Deluzian tradition, are a more solid experience that does […]

Unrealistic Epistemological Assumptions for Social Theory

One of the courses required in the Master of Arts in Sociology at UNC Charlotte is Social Theory. The course is always taught by the same faculty member, even when he is on sabbatical, so there are few options in this situation if a student is a “mismatch” for the epistemological requirements dictated by the […]


In this first attempt at philosophical blogging I will address the recent societal phenomenon of “resilience” as presented by Mark Neocleous in “Resisting Resilience.”  I find the article itself to be a rather unremarkable piece of writing, as it seems to make no attempt at an argument, only presents a number of absurd obsessions around […]

Fall 2013 Paper Available

Normally at the conclusion of a semester I have multiple academic papers to release, but for this semester there is only one. This is as a result of only one of my courses having a major written component that would be appropriate for publication. This paper is now available for download.   Commodified Gender Performance […]

PDF for Academics

I have made numerous negative critiques of the things I see that are done badly in academia regarding the use of PDF scans. Perhaps its time that I document those critiques more seriously and provide a few suggestions on how to have a happy PDF experience. First of all, avoid scanning if you can. If […]

Fitting In, Moving Forward

This has been a somewhat turbulent and interesting week so far, and its only a little over half over. First of all: at this point I am enrolled in no courses that are directly taught by the sociology department. I’m really not sure what to think about this. The course I was originally in wasn’t […]

Informal Summer Goals

I have placed a few informal summer goals for myself in GITI to guide me toward being prepared to write and defend my thesis on time.

Entering “Thesis Summer”

At this point in my graduate school career I should have narrowed down a thesis topic and be prepared to engage in a detailed literature review of that topic over the next several months. Unfortunately I have yet to isolate my thoughts that closely and feel like I am not ready to begin my literature review […]

Spring 2013 Papers

The Spring 2013 semester has now ended. My academic papers for this semester have now been released. Thesis Proposal: The Effects of Stigma on Self-Disclosure in the BDSM Community Issues in Social Research (SOCY 6652) Gay Sadomasochism as Hyper-Masculine Performance Theoretical Approaches to Gender (WGST 6602) Complexity of Social Deviance Complex Adaptive Systems (ITIS 6500) […]