Degree Audit – BS in Psychology – Fall 2010

As I near the completion of my undergraduate career and must fill out my final Academic Progress Report I have decided to utilize the degree audit features in Banner and work with it and other documentation to create a detailed picture of where all of my credits have come from for the degree. I have […]

Research Topics

Once again I have a class with Dr. Hogan and we start off day one with selecting our topics. This is for Theories of Learning. Which topic would you pick? Topic 1: The cerebral cortex and memoryTopic 2: Habituation Topic 3: The orienting response Topic 4: Classical conditioning and conditioned emotional responsesTopic 5: Classical conditioning […]

Biopsychology Off To An Interesting Start

My correct Biopsychology textbook arrived today, via US Mail, so I got started on the course. The first quiz, due on Tuesday, has been finished, so now I can relax and work on getting ahead in the course. The instructor who wrote the course is not the same as the instructor who is teaching the […]

My Desired Course Plan

For once… I have a plan.   but obviously, my plan is contingent on a few things, such as my department not fucking me over and my new advisor being of a higher caliber than his predecessor (shouldn’t be too hard). Also, chances are, in reality, because I want to actually have some fun during […]

Self-Analysis Graded

The grade on my self-analysis paper came back this morning. I received 49 out of a possible 50 points. The primary comment that the instructor left was “Your paper was a pleasure to read”. My thought there when I read that was, “really? I guess I should read it some time”. I do not believe […]

My Personality   I am still trying to digest this and determine what I think about it. I had to take this for an assignment in my Theories of Personality course. I would be very interested in how my friends do at this.

The Joy of Psychology

This evening while preparing for a quiz in Theories of Personality I discovered (or brought to consciousness, depending upon if you are a Freudian or not) that I really like Psychology because it is a very modern thing. People who wrote the theories I am learning about are still alive (most of them) and the […]

Picking a Theory

I have finally selected a theory to use in my self-analysis paper for my Theories of Personality course. I have decided to go with Erik Erikson’s “Crisis” theory. The theory has phases that related to Freud’s psychosexual phases, but are more psychosocial phases. The phases are dependant upon a “central crisis” that must be completed, […]