Research Topics

Once again I have a class with Dr. Hogan and we start off day one with selecting our topics. This is for Theories of Learning.

Which topic would you pick?

Topic 1: The cerebral cortex and memory
Topic 2: Habituation
Topic 3
: The orienting response
Topic 4:
Classical conditioning and conditioned emotional responses
Topic 5
: Classical conditioning and spontaneous recovery
Topic 6:
Backward conditioning in classical conditioning
Topic 7:
Systematic desensitization of phobias
Topic 8:
Aversive conditioning of alcoholism
Topic 9
: Aversive conditioning of smoking
Topic 10
: Aversive conditioning of drug abuse
Topic 11
: Classical conditioning of bedwetting
Topic 12
: Operant conditioning and superstitious behavior
Topic 13
: Operant conditioning and shaping classroom behavior
Topic 14
: Operant conditioningand toilet training
Topic 15
: Operant conditioning and teaching language to autistic children
Topic 16
: Token economies in inpatient mental health facilities
Topic 17
: Token economies in classrooms
Topic 18
: Learned helplessness
Topic 19
: Biofeedback and pain control
Topic 20
: Behavior modification and insomnia
Topic 21
: Chunking
Topic 22
: Teaching language to animals
Topic 23:
Imitation of Achievement Motivation
Topic 24:
Imitation of aggression
Topic 25:
Television violence and aggressive behavior
Topic 26:
Violent video games and aggressive behavior
Topic 27: Behavior modification of self-control
Topic 28:
Observational learning of motor skills
Topic 29:
Knowledge of Performance in motor skills training
Topic 30:
Choice behavior