Picking a Theory

I have finally selected a theory to use in my self-analysis paper for my Theories of Personality course. I have decided to go with Erik Erikson’s “Crisis” theory. The theory has phases that related to Freud’s psychosexual phases, but are more psychosocial phases. The phases are dependant upon a “central crisis” that must be completed, either by passing it (resolving it successfully) or failing it (resolving it negatively). I can draw some similarities between Erickson and Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, so I may end up using both of them. I like a lot of the aspects of Erikson’s theory, including that after a phase crisis has been failed, it is possible to have other experiences that reverse the outcome of the crisis. I feel that Erikson is a match for me because I can clearly identify phases I have passed and failed and things seem to line up with me pretty well.

I still do not like the idea of self-analysis, but I suppose Freud did it, therefore, its good for all of us.