Canning Produce

A few days ago my uncle went on vacation and told me to keep an eye on his garden, to harvest anything that was ready. Well, there was more vegetables ready for picking than I thought there would be, so some preserving techniques were required, this is the result, eleven jars of home made vegetable […]

Chicken About Chicken

For some bizarre reason I decided that I wanted to cook a whole chicken. Having my roasting bags and my bird, I set out to begin working on the chicken this afternoon. I thought it would be no big deal, just rinse, season and pop in the bag. I suppose I  subconsciously eliminated the part […]

Spicy Chicken Seasoning

This evening I tried my own attempt at making a chicken seasoning. I was going for something mildly spicy with a bit of a bite, but nothing too hot for my dinner guests (my parents and Chris). I overshot and ended up with something very spicy, but that was considered to be a good flavor […]

Lunch – My Sandwich Process

Some of my photographic adventures are boring, some are redundant, this one leaves me still feeling empty. Maybe I should have taken more time to take more pictures from more angles and not been in such a rush to eat.

Internet Pizza

The Internet has changed many thing in our lives, some for the worse, some for the better. I once thought that the only reason I didn’t like calling to order pizza, either for delivery or to pick up, was because I was nervous with the phone conversation portion of the process. Last Saturday I placed […]