Chicken About Chicken

For some bizarre reason I decided that I wanted to cook a whole chicken. Having my roasting bags and my bird, I set out to begin working on the chicken this afternoon. I thought it would be no big deal, just rinse, season and pop in the bag. I suppose I  subconsciously eliminated the part where there are inner parts to deal with. I really grossed myself out by opening the orifice of the bird and looking in. I grabbed my tongs to finish extracting all of the ickies out. I was so disgusted with having to do that part, which is something I don’t easily. I believe at one point Chris was laughing at me while I was fishing for “spare parts”. Fortunately, the chicken cooked well in its bag and is a nice golden color with a smooth texture of meat. A very lovely chicken.

UPDATE (1906): Decided to use the drippings to make a white gravy, it tastes amazing as well :-D